We Empower Clients with Confidence and Control

Every opportunity to broadcast your message – through media interviews, public speaking engagements and social media visibility – has the potential to bring great reward for leaders, businesses and causes. But without the right kind of preparation, these opportunities also carry great risk. Your ability to effectively connect and communicate with key audiences is fundamental to your success. We use our extensive experience to empower our clients with the strategies and skills to achieve their communications goals in the public spotlight.

We Provide Real World Expertise

In her nearly twenty years in the business, media and presentation trainer, Sally Sherry, has coached top executives at companies including Yahoo!, Sony Online Entertainment, Morgan Stanley, Cadbury, Ralph Lauren,
Avery Dennison and Harry Winston Diamond Corporation. Sally combines a decade of on-camera experience as a broadcast journalist, an MBA and MS in Journalism from Columbia University, and experience as a VP of a New York financial communications agency to share with her clients a real-world perspective and exceptional practical insights.

For nearly two decades, social media expert Ariel McNichol has been on the cutting edge of new media, creatively using it to drive adoption and awareness of her clients' products and services. Ariel has lead global social media marketing campaigns and has created software, websites, and mobile products for clients such as Adidas, AOL, Wells Fargo, Yahoo!, The Annenberg Institue and Disney.

We Deliver Results

Our one-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops are rigorous, constructive and highly relevant to each client. We do our homework - researching you, your company, your industry and your situation to customize each session specifically to meet your needs and goals.

  • Maximizing media interviews, public speeches and internal presentations
    We create a highly interactive experience with on-camera practice, real world video and print examples, realistic Q&A and constructive feedback to prepare you to be your best. This means we will coach you not only to dynamically deliver compelling and refined messages, but also to anticipate tough questions and deliver hard-hitting, thoughtful, on-message responses.
  • Driving business through social media
    Media Strategy Experts will help you identify the most relevant communities and online influencers, set up your social media program and keep it running successfully. You'll have the knowledge and tools
    to connect directly and daily with your target audiences to market, generate leads, monitor online conversations and develop advocates
    to grow your brand.
  • Optimizing the power of online video
    As experienced broadcast journalists, we are skilled visual storytellers
    and experts in professional video production. Media Strategy Experts
    will take charge of your video projects from concept through completion
    and distribution.

Our clients are busy people so we create programs to fit your timeframe. We bring our sessions and video equipment directly to you.